Published on May 3, 2017 6:26 am

AFLW players in VFL Women’s

Here is the list to find where your favourite NAB AFL Women’s players are returning home to in the Swisse VFL Women’s competition in 2017.

110 AFL Women’s players are listed in the VFL Women’s competition this year, with the season start on May 6.


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Melissa Kuys Box Hill Collingwood
Bianca Jakobsson Cranbourne Carlton
Danielle Hardiman Cranbourne Carlton
Breann Moody Cranbourne Carlton
Kirsten McLeod Cranbourne Western Buldogs
Hayley Wildes Cranbourne Western Buldogs
Courtney Clarkson Cranbourne Western Buldogs
Jasmine Grierson Cranbourne Melbourne
Romy Timmins Cranbourne Western Buldogs
Darcy Vescio Darebin Carlton
Lauren Arnell Darebin Carlton
Katie Brennan Darebin Western Buldogs
Libby Birch Darebin Western Buldogs
Aasta O’Connor Darebin Western Buldogs
Nicole Callinan Darebin Western Buldogs
Kate Tyndall Darebin Western Buldogs
Daisy Pearce Darebin Melbourne
Melissa Hickey Darebin Melbourne
Karen Paxman Darebin Melbourne
Elise O’Dea Darebin Melbourne
Lauren Pearce Darebin Melbourne
Brooke Patterson Darebin Melbourne
Jess Dal Pos Darebin GWS
Meg McDonald  Darebin Western Buldogs
Isabella Ayre Diamond Creek Carlton
Jess Kennedy Diamond Creek Carlton
Emma Grant Diamond Creek Collingwood
Shae Audley Diamond Creek Carlton
Lauren Brazzale Diamond Creek Carlton
Katie Loynes Diamond Creek Carlton
Alison Downie Diamond Creek Carlton
Laura Attard Diamond Creek Carlton
Stephanie Chiocci Diamond Creek Collingwood
Amelia Barden Diamond Creek Collingwood
Christina Bernardi Diamond Creek Collingwood
Lisa Williams Diamond Creek Western Buldogs
Lauren Morecroft Diamond Creek Western Buldogs
Tiarna Ernst Diamond Creek Western Buldogs
Kirsty Lamb Diamond Creek Western Buldogs
 Laura Duryea Diamond Creek Melbourne
Rebecca Privitelli Eastern Devils Carlton
Meg Hutchins Eastern Devils Collingwood
Sarah D’Arcy Eastern Devils Collingwood
Lauren Tesoriero Eastern Devils Collingwood
Lou Wotton Eastern Devils Collingwood
Sophie Casey Eastern Devils Collingwood
Jaimee Lambert Eastern Devils Western Buldogs
Hannah Scott Eastern Devils Western Buldogs
Pepa Randall Eastern Devils Melbourne
Sarah Perkins Eastern Devils Adelaide
Stacey Livingstone Eastern Devils Collingwood
Katherine Smith Eastern Devils Melbourne
Emma King Eastern Devils Collingwood
Tahni Nestor Eastern Devils Carlton
Hayley Trevean Geelong Carlton
Richelle Cranston Geelong Melbourne
Lily Mithen Geelong Melbourne
Madeleine Boyd Geelong Melbourne
Kate Darby Geelong Carlton
Elise Strachan Geelong Melbourne
Jordan Ivey Geelong Carlton
Gabriella Pound Melbourne Uni Carlton
Madeline Keryk Melbourne Uni Carlton
Nicola Stevens Melbourne Uni Collingwood
Alicia Eva Melbourne Uni Collingwood
Cecilia McIntosh Melbourne Uni Collingwood
Ellie Blackburn Melbourne Uni Western Buldogs
Emma Kearney Melbourne Uni Western Buldogs
Brooke Lochland Melbourne Uni Western Buldogs
Bailey Hunt Melbourne Uni Western Buldogs
Lauren Spark Melbourne Uni Western Buldogs
Deanna Berry Melbourne Uni Melbourne
Jessica Anderson Melbourne Uni Melbourne
Louise Stephenson Melbourne Uni GWS
Alexandra Saundry Melbourne Uni GWS
Kaitlyn Ashmore Melbourne Uni Brisbane
Cat Phillips Melbourne Uni Melbourne
Kate Shierlaw Melbourne Uni Carlton
Katherine Gillespie-Jones Seaford Carlton
Sarah Hosking Seaford Carlton
Jess Hosking Seaford Carlton
Natalie Plane Seaford Carlton
Georgia Walker Seaford Collingwood
Kimberley Ebb Seaford Western Buldogs
Brianna Davey St Kilda Carlton
Tilly Lucas-Rodd St Kilda Carlton
Brittany Bonnici St Kilda Collingwood
Jasmine Garner St Kilda Collingwood
Penny Cula-Reid St Kilda Collingwood
Jess Gardner St Kilda Western Buldogs
Laura Bailey St Kilda Western Buldogs
Rebecca Neaves St Kilda Western Buldogs
Mia-Rae Clifford St Kilda Melbourne
Pheobe McWilliams St Kilda GWS
Moana Hope St Kilda Collingwood
Alison Brown St Kilda Carlton
Meg Downie St Kilda Melbourne
Ruby Schleicher St Kilda Collingwood
Helen Roden VU Western Spurs Collingwood
Bree White VU Western Spurs Collingwood
Alyssa Mifsud VU Western Spurs Melbourne
Shelley Scott VU Western Spurs Melbourne
Ainslie Kemp VU Western Spurs Melbourne
Sarah Lampard VU Western Spurs Melbourne
Ashleigh Guest VU Western Spurs GWS
Sarah Jolly VU Western Spurs Melbourne
Harriet Cordner VU Western Spurs Melbourne
 Aleisha Newman VU Western Spurs Melbourne
Angelica Gogos VU Western Spurs Western Buldogs
Elyse Gamble VU Western Spurs Western Buldogs

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