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See the local releases for Round 2 of the Hard Yakka / Totally Workwear VFL season.


See the local releases for Round 2 of the Hard Yakka / Totally Workwear VFL season.


Club Name
Box Hill Hawks Anderson, Patrick
Box Hill Hawks Burt, Harrison
Box Hill Hawks Byrne, Connor
Box Hill Hawks Cotte, Aaron
Box Hill Hawks DeWit, Mason
Box Hill Hawks Doreian, MacKenzie
Box Hill Hawks Evans, Billy
Box Hill Hawks Kapahnke, Steven
Box Hill Hawks Lane, Nelson
Box Hill Hawks Locke, James
Box Hill Hawks Mackie, Liam
Box Hill Hawks Maloney, Thomas
Box Hill Hawks McGannon, Ryan
Box Hill Hawks Motton, Boadie
Box Hill Hawks Reinbold, Danyon
Box Hill Hawks Shannon, Matthew
Box Hill Hawks Tweedie, Tristan
Casey Demons Briggs, Heath
Casey Demons Collis, Dylan
Casey Demons Collis, William
Casey Demons Freeman, James
Casey Demons Fritsch, Darcy
Casey Demons Gahan, Matthew
Casey Demons Griffiths, Jack
Casey Demons Lefau, Mykelti
Casey Demons Lowden, Nicholas
Casey Demons Smith, Austin
Casey Demons Stephenson, William
Casey Demons Stockdale, Cory
Casey Demons Taylor, Jai
Casey Demons Vella, Anthony
Casey Demons Whitford, Kye
Coburg Baker, Jack
Coburg Bollinghaus, Floyd
Coburg Cavallaro, Lucas
Coburg Di Lizio, Luke
Coburg Donaghey, William
Coburg Evans, Jack
Coburg Federico, Alexander
Coburg Fry, Xavier
Coburg Harman, Matthew
Coburg McDonald, Jackson
Coburg Meagher, Thomas
Coburg Murphy, Jack
Coburg Neaves, Jonty
Coburg Noonan, Kane
Coburg Old, Tyson
Coburg Sandric, Jack
Coburg Simington, Harry
Coburg Simpson, Tom
Coburg Smith, Hedley
Collingwood Cameron, Tom
Collingwood Gallucci, Andrew
Collingwood Glover, Sam
Collingwood Karatzas, Adrian
Collingwood Lane, Campbell
Collingwood Madden, Joel
Collingwood Marks, Patrick
Collingwood Marotta, Michael
Collingwood Pal, Riet
Collingwood Ralph, Sam
Collingwood Spencer, Alexander
Collingwood Stanford, Daniel
Collingwood Tardrew, Lachlan
Collingwood Williams, Jackson
Collingwood Zimmerman, Anthony
Essendon Bombers Atley, Jacob
Essendon Bombers Berry, Wilson
Essendon Bombers Broughton, Jonty
Essendon Bombers Brown, Jacob
Essendon Bombers Day, Matthew
Essendon Bombers Fennell, Benjamin
Essendon Bombers Goetz, Luke
Essendon Bombers Guccione, Daniel
Essendon Bombers Hanna, Daniel
Essendon Bombers Huggard, Ben
Essendon Bombers Laguda, Bruno
Essendon Bombers Landt, Dylan
Essendon Bombers Marshall, Dale
Essendon Bombers Mckenna, Liam
Essendon Bombers McQueen, Jake
Essendon Bombers Read, Liam
Essendon Bombers Sibbald, Edyn
Essendon Bombers Smith, Tynan
Essendon Bombers Tynan, Josh
Footscray Bulldogs Dawson, Lachy
Footscray Bulldogs Farrugia, Lachlan
Footscray Bulldogs Gleeson, Gerard
Footscray Bulldogs Hamad, Nayef
Footscray Bulldogs Hayes, James
Footscray Bulldogs Henness, Cody
Footscray Bulldogs Hodge, Austin
Footscray Bulldogs Jackson, Oliver
Footscray Bulldogs McComb, Robbie
Footscray Bulldogs Nash, Liam
Footscray Bulldogs Olsson, Bradley
Footscray Bulldogs Short, Tate
Footscray Bulldogs Siversen, Jonah
Footscray Bulldogs Trusler, Aaron
Footscray Bulldogs Viojo-Rainbow, Dillon
Frankston Cox, Mitchell
Frankston Diggle, Christopher
Frankston Drew, Kim
Frankston Fisher, Sean
Frankston Gill-Renouf, Lachlan
Frankston Grace, Taylor
Frankston Hillard, Brenton
Frankston Houlahan, Harrison
Frankston Masterson, Sean
Frankston Myatt, Liam
Frankston Turnbull, Robert
Frankston Zijai, Ali
Frankston Zijai, Yillber
Geelong Cats Blood, Jack
Geelong Cats Cincotta, Alexander
Geelong Cats Diamond, Mitchell
Geelong Cats Dowling, Patrick
Geelong Cats Floyd, Ethan
Geelong Cats Frampton, Daniel
Geelong Cats Harris, Ned
Geelong Cats Helyar, Brayden
Geelong Cats Hutchinson, Nicholas
Geelong Cats Jones, Cooper
Geelong Cats Lang, Tom
Geelong Cats Ling, Harrison
Geelong Cats McCarthy, Curtis
Geelong Cats Noble, Lachlan
Geelong Cats O’Connor, Kyle
Geelong Cats Reid, Kyle
Geelong Cats Rokahr, Nikolaus
Geelong Cats Smith, Luke
Geelong Cats Zdybel, Zachary
North Melbourne Cameron, Fraser
North Melbourne Davis, Lewin
North Melbourne Harper, Jordan
North Melbourne Holmes, Nash
North Melbourne Hotchin, Thomas
North Melbourne Jansen, Christopher
North Melbourne McIvor-Clark, Jordan
North Melbourne McLean, Lachlan
North Melbourne McVeigh, Liam
North Melbourne Montanaro, Quintin
North Melbourne Mutch, Rhys
North Melbourne Northe, Matthew
North Melbourne Parsons, Samuel
North Melbourne Rodd, Mitchell
Northern Blues Armstrong, Arthur
Northern Blues Caluzzi, Ben
Northern Blues Costanzo, Daniel
Northern Blues Hurley, Benjamin
Northern Blues Lynch, Jordan
Northern Blues Strachan, Glenn
Port Melbourne Beasley, Charlie
Port Melbourne Beddison, Daniel
Port Melbourne Blair, Jarryd
Port Melbourne Chinn, Harvey
Port Melbourne Conway, Dylan
Port Melbourne Crosbie, Trent
Port Melbourne Dickson, Guy
Port Melbourne Fry, Xavier
Port Melbourne Giobbi, Ben
Port Melbourne Gundry, Matthew
Port Melbourne Hobbs, Thomas
Port Melbourne Johnson, Hugh
Port Melbourne King, Matthew
Port Melbourne Lewis-Smith, Perry
Port Melbourne Lloyd, Billy
Port Melbourne Michael, Samuel
Port Melbourne Nagle, Geordie
Port Melbourne Phillips, Ethan
Port Melbourne Treverton, Lachlan
Port Melbourne Wenn, Michael
Richmond Football Club Bruce, Hayden
Richmond Football Club Coates, William
Richmond Football Club Credlin, Brenton James
Richmond Football Club Cusack, Joel
Richmond Football Club Diggins, Lewis
Richmond Football Club Ernest, Joel
Richmond Football Club Harris, Chad
Richmond Football Club Haysman, Lachie
Richmond Football Club Hayward, Reuben
Richmond Football Club Oakes, Nathan
Richmond Football Club Riley , Connor
Richmond Football Club Street, Lachlan
Sandringham Adey, Lochie
Sandringham Atkins, Blair
Sandringham Atkins, Dylan
Sandringham Batten, Michael
Sandringham Carroll, Ryan
Sandringham Dundon, Timothy
Sandringham Jones, Callum
Sandringham Laumets, Thomas
Sandringham O’Meara, Ryan
Sandringham O’Toole , Brayden
Sandringham Seaton, Anthony
Sandringham Seccull, Durras
Sandringham Smith, Nathan
Sandringham Sofronidis, Sam
Sandringham Stamatis, Nicholas
Sandringham Sziller, James
Sandringham Thomas, Trent
Sandringham Webber, Dylan
Werribee Football Club Bennett, Darcy
Werribee Football Club Boyd, Thomas
Werribee Football Club Carlin, Scott
Werribee Football Club Domic, Aiden
Werribee Football Club Edwards, Jackson
Werribee Football Club Garoni, Hudson
Werribee Football Club Hodgson, Brydan
Werribee Football Club Junker, Oscar
Werribee Football Club Marklew, Alexander
Werribee Football Club McNamara, Benjamin
Werribee Football Club Murphy, Hamish
Werribee Football Club Stuhldreier, Nicholas
Werribee Football Club Thar, Connor
Werribee Football Club Watkins, Jack
Werribee Football Club Watts, Tylar
Williamstown Baddeley-Kelly, Jhye
Williamstown Bramble, Lachlan
Williamstown Buykx-Smith, Christian
Williamstown Carter, Liam
Williamstown Gregory, Sean
Williamstown Henderson, Darby
Williamstown Kerbatieh, Hisham
Williamstown Minogue, Joshua
Williamstown Morrish, Bailey
Williamstown Mundy, Thomas
Williamstown Sing, Nicholas
Williamstown Stephens, Cooper
Williamstown Tardio, Jesse

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