Published on October 5, 2019 5:13 pm

State Combine results

See the best results from the 2019 Rookie Me State Combine, with a number of Hard Yakka / Totally Workwear VFL players featuring.



Andrew Courtney (Sandringham Dragons): 81cm

Joel Ottavi (Williamstown): 79cm

Ayce Taylor (Northern Knights): 78cm

Alex Cincotta (Geelong VFL): 77cm

Nigel Lockyer (NT Thunder): 76cm


Best at National Combine: Miles Bergman (Sandringham Dragons) 77cm

Combine record (89cm): Jordan Gallucci (ex-Eastern Ranges) in 2016 and Aiden Bonar (ex-Dandenong Stingrays) in 2017



Jeremy O’Sullivan (Calder Cannons): 96cm

Andrew Courtney (Sandringham Dragons): 94cm

Jake Riccardi (Werribee): 92cm

Bigoa Nyuon (Dandenong Stingrays): 92cm

Brodie Newman (Calder Cannons): 92cm

Nathan Stewart (Calder Cannons): 92cm


Best at National Combine: Brady Rowles (Bendigo Pioneers) 98cm

Combine record (103cm): Kyron Hayden in 2017



Bigoa Nyuon (Dandenong Stingrays): 2.855

Ryan Gardner (Northern Knights): 2.927

Lachlan Gawel (Eastern Ranges): 2.929

Sam Lowson (Coburg): 2.930

Nigel Lockyer (NT Thunder): 2.933

Kaden Schreiber (Oakleigh Chargers): 2.934

Blake Kuipers (Dandenong Stingrays): 2.939


Best at National Combine: Sam Philp (Northern Knights) 2.867 seconds

Combine record (2.75 seconds): Joel Wilkinson in 2010



Bior Malual (Werribee): 8.018

Louis Pinnuck (Werribee): 8.069

Toby Mahony (GWV Rebels): 8.084

Ben Jungfer (NT): 8.140

Sam Durham (Murray Bushrangers): 8.171


Best at National Combine: Hayden Young (Dandenong Stingrays): 7.940 seconds

Combine record (7.77 seconds): Stephen Hill in 2008



Bior Malual (Werribee): 21.8

Ben Worme (Bendigo Pioneers): 21.6

Zak Pretty (Eastern Ranges): 21.5

Kieren Parnell (NT): 21.5

Jared Dakin (Tasmania Devils): 21.3

Frank Anderson (Northern Blues): 21.3

Harry Loughnan (Sandringham Dragons): 21.3

Corey Watts (Sandringham Dragons): 21.3

Blake Kuipers (Dandenong Stingrays): 21.3


Best at National Combine: Jay Rantall (GWV Rebels) level 21.8

Combine record (level 22.4): Andrew Brayshaw (ex-Sandringham Dragons) in 2017

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